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For decades, lightsabers have enthralled Star Wars fans, those recognizable weapons from a galaxy far, far away. The lightsaber community has created unique sabers that have given these imaginary weapons life. The Proffieboard and the Xenopixel are two well-known systems that have developed from the numerous advances in lightsaber technology. Both systems appeal to the various interests of saber fans with unique features and capabilities. In this thorough comparison, we’ll examine the fundamental distinctions between Proffie and Xenopixel lightsaber, illuminating their circuitry, personalization choices, visual effects, and general performance.

Electronic Components

The Proffieboard is an open-source lightsaber controller created by Fredrik Hubinette that is renowned for its adaptability and customizability. It is equipped with an STM32F446RET6 microcontroller with enough computational capacity to produce complex saber effects.

On the other hand, Electrum Saber Crafts created the proprietary system known as Xenopixel. It uses a specially designed controller for their sabers, providing a distinctive and seamless experience.

  • Key Difference

Electronic components differ primarily in how open and compatible they are. Since Proffieboards are open-source, they may be extensively modified by users and are compatible with various features. Xenopixel offers a more streamlined and user-friendly experience with fewer customization choices as a closed system.

Customization Options

Proffieboards are praised for their unmatched customizability options. The ProffieOS software allows users to program their sabers and has an extensive library of pre-installed sound fonts, blade styles, and visual effects. Even more experienced users can build their programming to produce original saber experiences.

Xenopixel sabers are made to be as straightforward as possible. Although they offer a variety of sound fonts and blade types, there are fewer personalization choices than with Proffie. A user-friendly experience is prioritized by Electrum Saber Crafts, making it more straightforward for anyone with little technological expertise to enjoy a customized lightsaber.

  • Key Difference

The degree of control and technical expertise needed make up the main distinction between customization choices. Proffieboard caters to experienced users who wish to dive far into programming. The plug-and-play experience with some room for customization is better suited for individuals who prefer Xenopixel, on the other hand.

Visual Effects

Proffieboards are well known for their propensity to create complex and varied visual effects. Users can experiment with distinctive blade styles, such as blade scrolling and pulse effects, realistic igniting and retraction animations, unstable blade simulations, and unstable blades.

Xenopixel sabers provide breathtaking visual effects with the ease of pre-configured settings. Their blade movements, such as the well-known “flame” blade style, are exquisite and vividly recreate the classic lightsaber appearance. Additionally, Xenopixel sabers feature seamless color changes.

  • Major Difference

The degree of personalization and control makes visual effects distinctive from one another. While Xenopixel users get spectacular, pre-configured results that demand less technical expertise, Proffieboard users enjoy greater creative freedom to create outstanding visual effects.

Sound Quality

Users of Proffieboard frequently gush about the excellent audio output. Users can select from various authentic and cinematic Star Wars sound profiles thanks to the board’s support for several proper fonts. When combined with high-end speakers, the excellent quality is frequently improved further.

Clear, immersive sound is a hallmark of Xenopixel sabers. High-quality audio systems are included in Electrum Saber crafts’ hilts to create a pleasurable acoustic experience. The sound quality is still excellent despite not being as adjustable as Proffie.

  • Key Difference

 User preference is the main factor influencing sound quality. While Xenopixel consumers love the high quality and dependability right out of the box, Proffieboard enthusiasts may cherish the flexibility to fine-tune every part of the sound.

Overall Performance and Reliability

When properly designed, Proffieboards are well respected for their performance and dependability. However, maintaining and troubleshooting them could call for some technical know-how because they are open-source and offer a wide range of customization choices. The level of programming and assembly skill of the user ultimately determines reliability.

Xenopixel sabers are made to be dependable and user-friendly. The producer assembles and tests them, guaranteeing users a reliable and high-quality experience. Electrum Saber Crafts provide excellent customer service and warranties to increase the dependability of their products.

  • Key Difference

The user’s technical expertise and hands-on involvement dramatically impact performance and reliability. Proffieboard swords have outstanding performance but may be more susceptible to problems if they need to be set up correctly. Xenopixel sabers prioritize dependability and user-friendliness, making them a fantastic option for anybody looking for a hassle-free experience.

Cost and Accessibility

The level of technical expertise and hands-on involvement the user requires to make the most impact on overall performance and reliability. Proffieboard swords have outstanding performance, but they may be more susceptible to problems if not set up correctly. Xenopixel sabers prioritize dependability and user-friendliness, making them a fantastic option for anybody looking for a hassle-free experience.

Community and Support

Members of the Proffieboard community are renowned for their enthusiasm, sharing, and creation of enormous libraries of sound fonts and visual effects. Users looking for assistance or ideas for their lightsabers may find this community-driven support valuable.

A devoted user base has been developed by Xenopixel Electrum Saber Crafts, and this community gains from the business’ helpful customer service and frequent updates. This vibrant community ensures that Xenopixel v2 lightsaber users can access information, support, and the most recent features.


The choice between Proffie and Xenopixel lightsabers ultimately comes down to individual priorities and tastes in the world of lightsaber creation. Proffieboard lightsabers are preferred by those who enjoy in-depth personalization, sophisticated programming, and total control over every aspect of their saber. Conversely, consumers who want a convenient, out-of-the-box experience with striking visual and aural effects should choose Xenopixel lightsabers.

Ultimately, each system has its advantages and serves various sectors of the lightsaber community. The choice concerns how much you value simplicity, dependability, and breathtaking visual and audio effects (Xenopixel) vs boundless customization and technical involvement (Proffie). Regardless of your route, the Force will be with you as you set out on your lightsaber quest in a nearby galaxy.