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The user must know that WhatsApp and Messenger are owned by the same company but they are very different from each other. Messenger allows the user to connect and chat with friends who are on Facebook and WhatsApp is just allowing you to chat with the person who is in the list of contacts. You would know that Messenger is not as popular as WhatsApp is but the company is adding various new features to Messenger. Most of the users have doubts about what does bump mean on Messenger. Through this article, the users would be able to get information about bump and how to use it. 

What Is a Bump

At times, many users are having a long conversation with the same person and you have told him some important information about the project or something, and you know that the person would miss the message. Then it is better to bump, copy, and paste again the same message. Bump is one of the features of the messenger which is making the user remember the message which was sent in the previous chat and it is important. Many of the users do not know what is bumping in Messenger

How to Bump Messages on Messenger

The user should know how to use it. If the user is not knowing how to use it, then they have to follow certain steps:

  1. Firstly, the user has to open the messenger app on your mobile phone whether it is an Android or iPhone.
  2. Then the user has to open the chat where they want to bump on messages.
  3. You should find the message from the chat by scrolling down.
  4. When you get the message, then you have to hold on to the message for some time. 
  5. After holding, the user would be able to see various options on the screen and they have to click on more options.
  6. You will be able to see a pop-up from which you have to select the bump option.
  7. The bump message would be seen in the latest send messages. 


Through this article, the users would be able to get information about how to bump messages on the screen. If the user wants to remind the person about some important instructions then this feature would be very useful. After bumping the message, the person would get a notification that would declare that you have bumped the message.

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