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 Valant and Zoobook are comprehensive clinical solutions for behavioral health practices. With this Valant EHR vs Zoobook EMR comparison guide, let’s delve into their specifics.  

The EHR industry is continuously on the road to improvements, leveraging medical technological inventions. These days, specialty-specific solutions are growing more popular than multi-disciplinary ones. Healthcare professionals appreciate specialized solutions crafted on specialty-specific interfaces, thus making things way easier. Specialty-specific EHR solutions shine bright in all the healthcare fields, but today we will focus on behavioral health systems.  

We will take a plunge into Valant and Zoobook EHR. Today’s guide packs nowhere to be found: Valant EHR vs Zoobook EHR analysis. Going forward with this guide, you will learn interesting facts about these vendors, like how they entertain their clients. What kind of features do they offer? And how much they charge for their services. So, stay tuned for this Valant EHR vs Zoobook EHR guide is about to get interesting.  

Valant EHR 

Mental healthcare professionals don’t feel riled up with Valant EHR by their side. Founded in 2005, this rigorous platform understands its assignment, which is to help practices thrive in this competitive environment. The vendor serves practices with all its might, reinventing the way behavioral health practitioners serve their patients. It is crafted on a simplistic interface and is loaded with tech-intensive and meaningful healthcare tools and services.  

The sole mission of Valant EHR is to seamlessly connect patients with providers leaving no gaps in care. This visionary solution aims to maintain an upright position in the market as a one-stop shop for behavioral healthcare providers. The Valant EHR software makes the world a better place by nurturing the healthier mental state of the patients. All-in-all, this software streamlines the clinical workflow by focusing on delivering top-notch care services to patients.  

Valant EHR Features: 

The Valant EHR software has dipped its fingers into three broad categories that are clinical care, practice management and patient experience. All its features are divided into these three categories so the carers can get the best out of their practice from one consolidated platform. 

Clinical Care 

  • Clinical Documentation 
  • Intake And Assessment Automation 
  • ePrescribing 
  • Group Therapy 
  • PDMP 
  • Treatment Planning 
  • eLabs 
  • Clinical Reporting 
  • Telehealth 

Practice Management 

  • Billing 
  • Scheduling 
  • Prospective Patient Management 
  • Integrated Credit Card Processing 
  • eSignature 
  • Performance Reporting   

Take a closer look at all these functionalities by setting up a demo with Valant EHR. Valant EHR provides a cost-free demo so you can keenly evaluate all its services. So, set up a demo and gain real-time insights into the key specs of Valant EHR and learn why it is ranked as the best-performing behavioral health solution.  

The Reviews Outlook of Valant EHR: 

As per the reviews, behavioral healthcare providers simply love this all-rounder solution. They cite that Valant adds to their productivity, enhances the patient experience and improves care quality. The reviews of Valant EHR shed light on its versatile and diverse feature portfolio. Clinicians say this vendor holds an unmatched ambiance and escalates clinical growth instead of hindering it by shaping day-to-day operations. Simply put, the Valant EHR reviews are all praises for how it works and assists practitioners.  

Valant EMR Pricing Structure: 

The Valant EHR offers tailor-made pricing bundles to help practices excel at their own pace. The customized pricing plans by Valant EHR fast-track the clinical operations taking practices a step closer to their goals. It is said that Valant EHR offers the right services for the right pricing meeting the budget range of the physicians. You can also request a tiered pricing bundle by Valant EHR by sending a custom price quote. 

Now let’s look into the fine details of our next subject element in this Valant EHR vs Zoobook EHR comparison guide.  

Zoobook EMR Software 

Zoobook highly differs from Valant EHR in all aspects. It emerged as a stand-alone outpatient addiction treatment program in 2012. Later on, it evolved into a comprehensive EHR and practice management solution and was launched in the market in 2017. Now a broad range of mental and behavioral health centers benefit from its to-the-point services. The Zoobook EHR believes in continuous improvements and thus is always evolving to meet users’ needs.  

This practical mental health solution delivers innovative, tech-driven behavioral health products. Its prime aim is to help practices flourish, cutting down their expenses and maximizing revenue generation. The Zoobook software is driven by the intent of delivering compliant mental health services to providers. This top-tier solution enables practices to achieve real-time compliance monitoring by optimizing their billing operations and more.  

Zoobook Features: 

This clinically robust solution also features quality tools and services. But it fails to meet the vast feature spectrum of Valant EHR. It lacks advanced tools but, being a simplistic solution assists care practitioners in many aspects. The services it offers can be divided into two categories. Here lies the rest of the details. 

Practice Management 

  • Real-time Client Service Monitoring 
  • Alerts and Widgets 
  • Customizable Reports 
  • Integrated Telemedicine 
  • Automated Scheduling 
  • Bed And Facility Management  
  • Bills Management 

Integration With: 

  • State Databases 
  • Bi-directional Lab Interfaces 
  • Imaging Centers 
  • e-Prescribe standard 
  • Offers integrated billing system too, allowing for: 
  • Co-pay information management 
  • Manual point-of-entry billing 
  • Clams submission to Medicaid 

If Zoobook EHR piques your interest, go for its demo to explore its details. The demo of Zoobook EHR is also free-of-cost but is quite informative. In its demo, Zoobook EHR highlights all its viable functionalities that drive practices to success. So, schedule a demo with Zoobook now to finely assess it. 

The Reviews Outlook Of Zoobook EMR

The mental health providers have shared quality comments in the reviews of Zoobook EHR. Some say they admire its scheduling capability while others appreciate its billing module. As per the reviews, Zoobook EHR seamlessly organizes patient records making it easier to get hands with the right information. This easy-to-use solution makes documenting clinical rounds a hassle-free task. Overall, reviews share that providers have a great experience with Zoobook EHR.  

Zoobook EMR Pricing Structure: 

Zoobook EHR has not revealed its pricing structure yet. It is not that it keeps providers in the dark. The Zoobook EHR practices a request-based pricing model. You can acquire its pricing details by sending a request to the sales team of Zoobook EHR.  

That’s all from this Valant EHR vs Zoobook EHR comparison. Valant is surely more advanced and is suitable for complex practices. The Zoobook is a simple solution tending to a simplistic mental care solution.