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Lawyers are bringing legal claims against UEFA after the chaos outside last year’s Champions League final. They contend that the governing body failed to create a safe environment and could be held legally responsible for those who suffered physical or psychological injuries as a result.

After 35 minutes of delay, fans experienced crushes, tear gas and street crime before kickoff. An independent review concluded UEFA, French police and the French Football Federation were principally at fault for these failures which nearly caused disaster.

Leigh Day

Liverpool fans have launched a formal legal action against UEFA after last May’s Champions League final debacle. An independent review found that European football’s governing body bore “primary responsibility” for what almost caused a mass fatality at last May’s showpiece game against Real Madrid.

After the match, fans reported being subjected to indiscriminate tear gas and violence as well as having their possessions stolen by criminal gangs outside the stadium’s gates. A hearing by France’s Senate found evidence of many traumatic experiences including adults and children being herded like animals, wheelchair users being crushed and tear-gassed, supporters with disabilities being unable to use turnstiles, and those with fake tickets being robbed.

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Pogust Goodhead

Liverpool fans have taken legal action against UEFA after the CL final debacle. They demand that the football governing body assume responsibility for what occurred both before and after the match, as well as pay them compensation.

Lawyers for the supporters demand UEFA president Aleksander Ceferin take personal responsibility for what went wrong and pay out a fair amount to those who suffered injuries or psychological trauma.

Tony Winterburn of Pogust Goodhead contends that an apology is only the beginning. Their firm is suing on behalf of approximately 2,000 Liverpool fans.

Lawyers have given UEFA until next Friday to respond to their compensation request, but they want more than just a refund. They want an investigation into what occurred and steps taken to prevent similar outcomes in the future.

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Binghams Solicitors

Lawyers representing Liverpool fans injured at last year’s CL final debacle in Paris have filed a claim against European football governing body UEFA, seeking compensation for injuries and trauma sustained during the event. This action seeks to bring closure to these individuals’ ordeals.

Binghams Solicitors, in conjunction with international law firm Pogust Goodhead, are representing over 900 Liverpool supporters who claim they witnessed ‘terrifying scenes’ outside Stade de France during the match and are filled with a deep sense of regret.

According to the law firms, they plan to take legal action against UEFA for negligence and breach of contract in ticket sales. A claim will be filed as soon as possible.

An independent report harshly criticised UEFA for failings that nearly led to disaster during the Champions League final between Liverpool and Real Madrid. The organization was found responsible for numerous near misses at stadium entrances, with Paris Police and French football federation also holding them responsible.

Liverpool Supporters’ Association

The Liverpool Supporters’ Association is an independent non-profit organisation founded in 2008 by Liverpool fans who had been priced out of top flight football. It was founded on the belief that football should be accessible to everyone, not just wealthy individuals.

The firm boasts a passionate fan base around the world, particularly in Europe, Asia and North America. Its members hail from all backgrounds.

Lawyers for Liverpool fans have been in contact with UEFA to file claims following the CL final chaos. UK law firm Leigh Day has filed a group claim on behalf of those who suffered physical or psychological injuries on the night.

UEFA has since offered a special refund scheme for Liverpool fans. But three law firms representing these supporters feel this doesn’t go far enough and have threatened legal action unless more substantial compensation is paid out.

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