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Discover the advantages of sharing Facebook videos on Pinterest and how it can boost your online presence. Explore the synergy between these platforms and maximize your content reach.


In the digital age, social media platforms have become a cornerstone of online communication. Facebook and Pinterest, two giants in the social media world, offer unique opportunities for content sharing. In this article, we will delve into the benefits of sharing Facebook videos on Pinterest and how this strategy can amplify your online presence. Let’s explore this dynamic synergy between these platforms.

The Power of Cross-Promotion

Leveraging Facebook’s Reach

One of the key advantages of sharing Facebook videos on Pinterest is tapping into Facebook’s extensive user base. With billions of active users, Facebook offers unparalleled exposure for your content. By cross-promoting on Pinterest, you can extend your reach to a wider audience, increasing the visibility of your videos.

Pinterest’s Visual Appeal

Pinterest is renowned for its visual content, making it an ideal platform for sharing videos. Users on Pinterest actively seek out visually appealing content, and videos fit seamlessly into this aesthetic. By sharing your Facebook videos on Pinterest, you can captivate users with engaging visuals, leading to higher engagement and shares.

Enhanced Discoverability

Optimizing for SEO

Pinterest is a search-driven platform, and your shared videos can be optimized for search engine visibility. By using relevant keywords, descriptions, and hashtags, you can increase the discoverability of your videos on both Pinterest and search engines like Google.

Expanding Your Content Library

Sharing Facebook videos on Pinterest also allows you to build a comprehensive content library. Each video adds to your Pinterest profile, creating a repository of content that users can explore. This ever-growing library contributes to your authority on Pinterest and boosts your content’s credibility.

Diversifying Your Audience

Reaching a New Demographic

Both Facebook and Pinterest have distinct user demographics. While Facebook appeals to a wide range of age groups, Pinterest is particularly popular among women and users interested in lifestyle, DIY, and creative content. Sharing videos on Pinterest can help you tap into these demographics that may not be as active on Facebook.

Catering to Varied Interests

Pinterest allows users to categorize content into boards based on their interests. By sharing videos on specific boards, you can cater to niche audiences interested in your content’s particular themes, further diversifying your viewership.

Building Backlinks and Referral Traffic

Strengthening SEO

Backlinks play a crucial role in search engine optimization. When you share Facebook videos on Pinterest and link them back to your website or Facebook page, you create valuable backlinks. These backlinks can enhance your website’s authority and improve its search engine rankings.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Can I share all types of Facebook videos on Pinterest?

Yes, you can share a variety of Facebook videos on Pinterest, including tutorials, product demos, promotional videos, and more. Just ensure they align with your Pinterest audience’s interests.

How do I optimize my video descriptions for Pinterest?

To optimize your video descriptions, use relevant keywords, add a concise yet engaging description, and include relevant hashtags. This will enhance your video’s discoverability on Pinterest.

Are there any best practices for cross-promotion on Facebook and Pinterest?

Absolutely! Share a Pinterest-friendly version of your video on Facebook with a link back to your Pinterest board. Additionally, engage with your audience on both platforms to encourage cross-promotion.

Can sharing videos on Pinterest improve my Facebook engagement?

Yes, it can. By cross-promoting your videos, you expose your Facebook audience to your Pinterest content, potentially increasing engagement on both platforms.

How can I measure the success of sharing Facebook videos on Pinterest?

Track metrics such as views, shares, and click-through rates on both platforms. Use analytics tools to gauge the impact of cross-promotion on your online presence.

Are there any privacy concerns when sharing Facebook videos on Pinterest?

Ensure that the content you share complies with Facebook’s and Pinterest’s privacy policies. Avoid sharing sensitive or private videos without appropriate permissions.


Incorporating the strategy of sharing Facebook videos on Pinterest can be a game-changer for your online presence. It leverages the strengths of both platforms, expands your audience, and boosts your content’s visibility. By following best practices and optimizing your content, you can harness the full potential of this synergy. Start cross-promoting today and watch your online influence soar.