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The IELTS reading section is going to be challenging for many students. But it does not mean that you cannot improve your band score. However, you need to be very sincere with your reading if you want outstanding performance in the reading part.

Moreover, this section will become quite interesting if you enjoy this, instead of treating it as a hurdle. To build your interest, you need to follow some techniques provided in this article. Along with this, stay relaxed and positive while solving reading, because this has a great impact on your performance.  

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Steps to enhance reading scores:

The below points help you to provide a piece of knowledge in solving the reading section:

Start with the easiest topic

The topmost step is to initiate from the topic that you are familiar with. This is because it will build your confidence in reading. Moreover, if you have knowledge about the passage you can easily deal with it. Try to understand the question properly and then underline the keywords in the question to make it easy to locate in the passage. It also helps you to save more time for the rest of the passages.


Skimming is an important reading strategy that utilizes quick eye movements and keywords to skim through the material faster. It assists you in reading a gist and understanding the primary idea, and topic. Moreover, to acquire a general idea, you can skim the text in 2 to 3 minutes. To skim a passage, start with the first paragraph, concentrate on the first few phrases to obtain the core vision, and finish with the last paragraph for a synopsis.  


Scanning is the process of fast reading to identify specific pieces of information such as facts, technical phrases, etc. If you are assigned a reading essay, utilize scanning to identify important information such as dates, names, numbers, and new terms. Furthermore, allow your eyes to move swiftly to scan a passage. Focus on the essential words, such as figures, statistics, and so on. Slow down and read the material thoroughly to pay more attention. You should be quick, focused, and vigilant, and you should not spend more than 3 minutes.

Time Management

The time allotted for the reading is one hour, so make sure you are done in the given time frame. To improve your speed, you have to practice solving on a daily basis. This will assist you in managing your time effectively and to know about the different categories of questions. Furthermore, don’t stick to a single question for more than two minutes if you are not sure about the correct answer. Just move to the next one. 

Attempt all questions 

There is no negative marking system, so don’t leave any questions unanswered. If you’re short on time, simply speculate and write the answer. Moreover, if you’re lucky, your prediction will have one point that will move you from band 6.5 to band 7. If youre taking IELTS on paper, make sure to put your responses on the answer sheet side by side. If you leave a cell on the response sheet blank, you will receive a zero score. 

Question-solving strategy

There are different types of questions in IELTS reading. Such as a list of headings, fill-in-the-blanks, multiple-choice questions, One-word or two-word answers, etc.  You have to obey different rules to solve the questions. For a list of headings, read the passage thoroughly and try to match the suitable options from the questions. To solve the blanks, you must have a good vocabulary to locate the synonyms in the passage that correspond with the information in question. Use the elimination method for MCQ-type questions, which makes it easy for you to mark the right option for answering a question.

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Summing up 

To sum up, although reading section is a type of hurdle for many students. But by following such strategies and techniques you can easily improve your ban score from low to high.