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Gojek App Clone is the best solution for entrepreneurs who cannot wait to make easy and quick money. The experts take only a couple of days to white-label your on-demand multi-service app. Thanks to this ready-made solution, entrepreneurs can leverage the powers of this super app and make money that overflows!

This pre-built online business solution loaded with the newest features has a quick turn-around time and requires only a handful of investments to begin with. Let’s take a look at some of the prominent reasons why it is called a “super app”!

Your customers will love to use a single app that offers 101+ services. Trust the words, no user will look back and install ten different apps to book a single service. Thus, by launching Gojek Like App, you will put an end to customers’ demand for an intelligent super app.

Here are the key reasons why this app has already earned a big name in the market.

  • Offers multiple services in one application.
  • Loaded with numerous advanced features.
  • Built with the latest technologies.
  • It is pre-built.

To be honest, these are only a handful of reasons why the advanced Gojek-like app. Does that mean this app can offer you something more?

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Why Gojek Clone Is Known as The Decade’s Best Super App

Here are key reasons why this Gojek-like app is called a super app. By the end of this section, you will come to know why you should invest in this human-made miracle!

Offers 101+ Services

The application offers 101+ on-demand services at the user’s fingertips.

From taxi ride-booking to on-demand grocery delivery, parcel delivery, online video consultation, service bidding, and other services to one mentioned below, the app offers it all!

Well, let’s dig deeper into some of the most interesting on-demand services of the advanced Gojek-like app.

Buy & sell real estate

Your users can buy and sell properties at the price that they want. Any user who wants to sell their commercial or residential property can create a new listing on the app and post it. In no time, they will be able to find genuine buyers for their properties such as residential apartments, warehouses, showrooms, industrial sheds, etc. To get in touch with the property seller, the user can directly submit an Inquiry form on the app itself.

Buy, sell, & rent cars

Users can buy, sell, and rent cars using the app. However, the user who wants to rent out their cars or sell them must post the listing on the app.

Here, users may also upload pictures and videos of the vehicle so that users can refer to them. This also increases the chances of finding good buyers or renters quickly.

Buy, sell, & rent general items

Users of this advanced Gojek-like app can easily buy, rent, and sell items like furniture, electronics, sports equipment, lawn & garden tools, etc. Interested buyers and renters can quickly decide to buy or rent the item by viewing the images and videos uploaded by the owner.

For better understanding, the user can also post a brief description of the item while uploading the listing!


The App also allows users to share rides with other users and split the cost of the journey with them.  Any user who wants to travel on the same route or destination can connect with the driver and discuss the journey further.  Users who want to offer the carpooling service can quickly post a listing mentioning the price per seat, starting point and destination, number of available seats, etc.

Also, the driver is required to upload a few documents like Driving License, Vehicle Document, Vehicle Insurance, etc.  As a result, the user saves money by sharing the cost with other users, while the riders leverage a comfortable ride to their destination.

On-demand medical services

Gojek Clone App is one of the best super apps because it allows users to book on-demand medical services.  Here, your users can easily find and book an appointment with a doctor near them, order medicines online, and book an online video consultation with the doctor.  Additionally, users can book an appointment with their pet’s vet and call an ambulance in emergencies.

Track family members and employees

With this service, your users can easily track their loved ones in real-time and make sure they’ve arrived at home, school, or office safely.  Here, the users can see if their employees are operating productively on the field or not. Also, they can see the live location of their family members on the map. The best thing is that the privacy of any user is not violated as the live tracking can be turned off when required.

Find nearby businesses

Your users can quickly locate nearby businesses using this app. They can find cafes, gyms, malls, hospitals, etc., nearby their location.  Also, on the same page, the users will be able to see:

  1. Contact information of the business
  2. Location on the map
  3. Timings
  4. Ongoing discounts and offers

In addition to these details, the users can also order online from the business and book a taxi to get there.

How Gojek Clone Earns You Profits

Supercharge your business with Gojek Clone and ensure profitability. In today’s on-demand economy, investing in a reliable White-labelled Script Solution is a game-changer for entrepreneurs.

Collaborate with expert App Development Companies to build robust digital solutions that streamline operations, automate processes, reduce costs, and boost productivity. Join the ranks of successful businesses that have embraced the on-demand model, benefiting customers, service providers, delivery drivers, and companies alike. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to capitalize on the shifting mindset of customers and revolutionize your business.

In Conclusion

The advanced Gojek App Clone is the best on-demand multi-service platform where your users can book multiple services.  Moreover, the users can schedule the services that they want, pay for them online, track the service provider on the map, and much more.

As the app owner, you will get to earn humongous profits right from day 1 of the app launch!