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Good quality labeling is an essential component of brand identity. It allows businesses to directly connect with their customers while showcasing their branding, ethos, and reputation. A good quality label contains useful information such as sizing and care instructions, as well as acting as a mini ambassador for the brand. Although labels may be a small and frequently overlooked element of your product, the impact they can have on customer experience and brand reputation is huge. Woven labels manufacturers can help you to identify the best option for your brand.

There are a variety of labeling options, the most popular choices being printed labels and woven labels. Advances in technology and production methods mean that both options deliver hard-wearing, quality labeling solutions. Whether your products include fashion, crafts, homeware or other product types, there is a labeling solution best suited to your business needs.

Woven Labels Manufacturers – Woven Labels

Manufacturers of woven labels work with you to completely customize your design. Details such as background, color, graphics, and font can all be curated exactly to suit your specifications. Label manufacturers often offer a design service, where you can work with a team of experts to ensure that your finished label meets your exact business needs.

Rather than having a design printed directly onto a fabric label, a design is intricately woven onto it within the fibers. They are often produced on equipment called a jacquard loom, where weaves of fabrics are threaded together for a perfect color match. A woven label is more intricately produced and often uses rather more expensive materials and production methods, making it the right choice for placement on luxury items and for brands who want to emphasize their exclusivity. The nature of this process means that woven labels can cost more to purchase.

Woven labels are soft and smooth, and they ensure that in fashion items, there is no risk of irritation to the wearer. Label manufacturers use a wide range of fabrics such as damask, satin and taffeta. There are even eco-friendly versions of woven labels widely available, which promote sustainability and are a perfect way to showcase a brand’s commitment to helping the environment and making more eco-friendly choices.

Woven labels will not fade and are the hardest-wearing label available on the market.

Woven Labels Manufacturers – Printed Labels

Printed labels are the most cost effective and easily produced method of giving products individual branding and identity.

Printed labels are quick and easy to both order and produce. Media containing logos, graphics or care instructions can be uploaded to a manufacturer’s website. These can then be quickly printed off directly onto the label’s surface within short timescales. In terms of readability and clarity, printed labels may be better suited for smaller font sizes or lengthy details – for example, care instructions and size charts.

The most commonly used fabric for printed labels is satin acetate. This is an extremely soft and budget friendly material, ideal for mass producing labels at a fraction of the cost. Alternatively, a material such as printed taffeta can be used. Its paper-thin qualities make this an ideal choice for tear-off labels.

Printed labels are color fade and wash resistant. They will not fray, and they can withstand both hand and machine sewing. Digitally produced printing methods are ideal for clarity of colors and gradients and for ensuring a sharp, crisp finish on logos and text. Advances in printing mean that you can have your printed labels produced in as bold and vivid colorways as your heart desires. They are the perfect way to make a bold and bright statement, making a lasting impression on your customers.


To decide on which label type is perfect for your product and your brand, you should take on board the concept that the label will form an important part of the finished product as a whole. Consider what size, detail, finish, and level of durability are best suited to your needs. Is your product one that is marketed as long-lasting and timeless? Or is your product one that is designed with frequent replacement in mind? Products with a long life span would benefit from a label with equal longevity. Alternatively, it may be more cost effective and financially wise to opt for a budget label if the product has a shorter shelf life.

Factor in costs and production numbers to determine which option works best for your budget.

Choose a level of label quality that matches closest to your product’s quality. This gives your products consistency and sends out a clear brand message. Effective labeling equals an effective brand identity that will see the return of customers time and time again.