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Wondering how you can boost your app-based taxi business in Ireland? Do you wish to increase your profits, and user engagement, and grow the business all at the same time? If yes, then you’re at the right place to find a solution for everything. In this blog, we will explore 5 pro tips that can enhance your taxi business with ease.

Ireland is a booming market for taxi businesses. By 2027, 1.47 million people are anticipated to be using ride-hailing and taxi services on this island in the North Atlantic Ocean.

Moreover, the ride-hailing and taxi segment is projected to hit a valuation of US$0.99 billion by 2023 along with a user penetration of 28.0%.

Well, if you want to leverage Ireland’s booming market, you need to follow some proven hacks. Using them, you can gain more downloads, boost user engagement, etc.

So, without further ado, let’s explore the 5 tips now.

Provide Great Customer Experience

The customer experience of your taxi app essentially defines its success.

It is basically what your users think about your taxi app and the services that you offer.

Considering the satisfaction of your customers will help you to increase the downloads and the user base.

Here are the strategies that you can use to boost your customer experience.

  • Get feedback: try to get feedback from your customers as it will help you to develop better plans and improve their experience instantly.
  • Keep your app simple: simple and minimalistic-looking apps load quickly and appeal to users as well. The simpler your app design is, the better the customer’s experience will be when booking taxis using it.
  • Everything must be transparent: keep every piece of information about your taxi services in Ireland transparent and clear.

App Store Optimization (ASO)

It involves optimizing mobile apps to rank them higher in search results on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

ASO is essential for the success of an app since it helps improve the app’s discoverability among the other million apps on the iOS and Android Stores.

This optimization method also helps app owners to increase organic downloads and attract more customers.

Along with the mentioned perks, ASO also helps in boosting app income and outstanding competitors.

Some of the best-known ASO tips are:

  • Understand the users: identify what kind of app information they look for when downloading one from the app store.
  • Use the right keywords: keywords are an essential part of ASO. Research relevant keywords that you can use in the titles and descriptions to rank higher.
  • Write good app descriptions: one of the essential parts of ASO is writing accurate app descriptions. Both Apple App Store and Google Play Store gave 4000- a character limit that you can use to describe your app. Therefore, when writing the description, answer what your app does, how it solves the user’s problems, and how it makes the user’s life easy.

Simple Onboarding Process

Did you know that by providing a simple yet mind-blowing onboarding experience, you can reduce your app’s uninstallation rate?

To make your onboarding process convenient and perfect, here’s what you should do:

  • Provide proper instructions: as soon as the user installs and opens the app, teach them how to use the app step by step.
  • Tell them about your brilliant features and functions: ensure that your customers know what are your app’s best features and functions during the onboarding process. Well, that is how they will come to know about your app’s true worth.

In short, make your app useful and convenient for your customers. The whole onboarding process should be quick, simple, and easy to understand.

You may get even better results in terms of download volume and user engagement if you design an interactive onboarding process.

Follow Ireland’s Taxi App Trends

Following the taxi industry trends can help you to gain success even more quickly than you may have anticipated.

People like modern things that solve their present-day needs with a click.

Therefore, follow these trends when developing taxi booking app in Ireland,

  • Include wearable technology: smart watches are on the rise these days. Thus, you can use smart watches to improve your taxi services. Develop iWatch taxi apps or get a ready-made one so your users can book a ride using the watch.
  • Enhance app security: fear of data theft is one reason people hesitate to use online facilities. Integrating the login with a biometric authentication feature can help you resolve that. Here, your user will be able to use Face ID/fingerprint recognition to log into the app without using the password.

Social Sharing 

Leverage your user’s positive mood.

Well, it is observed that happy users are more likely to promote your app on social media. As the app owner, you can encourage your customers to share their positive experiences on social channels.

Well, the more “common people” talk about you, the more eyeballs your taxi app will draw in. It is because social media is the best way to increase your user engagement and reach.

To encourage more social sharing, you can add social sharing buttons in your taxi booking application. This feature will allow your users to easily share your content on their social media accounts.

Final Words:

If you want to boost your app-based taxi business in Ireland, you must consider improving your customer experience, encouraging users to spread good works, and so on.

Overall, you have to think of your users every step of the way. Boosting your taxi business will not only help you to gain incredible profits but also take you one step closer to becoming a global player as well.

With proper strategies and results, you can soon compete with bigger taxi apps like Uber, Lynk, Free Now, etc.

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