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Do you want to study and work at the same time? You may be pursuing your post-graduate degree to specialise. However, you need to do a side job to cover the cost of education.

Financial help from lending sources can ease the burden of debts, but they are not sufficient. Besides, you do not want to borrow a huge amount of loan to meet educational expenses. Repaying them on time would be a great deal.

For this reason, you prefer having a part-time income so that you do not have to create a huge pile of debt. Above all, getting a loan also means paying extra interest. On the other hand, the amount remains within your range when you manage them with your earnings.

Now, you have a solution for how to keep the expenses within your limit, but it will require you to juggle work and study at the same time. Are you ready for this? It is going to be a little challenging.

Do not take stress as it is all about time management! Moreover, you will be doing a part-time job which will demand a few hours of your day. Thus, if you are worried about its impact on your studies, you can relax.

It might seem like a lot of struggle, but if you master time management skills, there is no looking back for you. Dig through this blog to understand how you can continue a job without disturbing your usual study routine.

Strategies to balance work and study

Divide your daily schedule between your studies, work and personal life. A job has also become mandatory because of loans for bad credit in Ireland. Although you have denied taking up financial assistance, for a small discrepancy, you borrowed money.

It is for meeting a small payment of an urgent bill related to your studies. Therefore, you are doing a job for two reasons – one, to pay loans back and two, to keep such circumstances away from your life.

You are motivated to work and study together. Now, you need the execution of a few strategies to handle them side by side.

Select your best time to study

Now that you will be doing some freelance work, you must divide your time accordingly. Make sure that your study time does not get disrupted because of that. If you feel more productive to study in the morning, keep it solely for this purpose.

On the other hand, if you are a night owl, align your study hours accordingly. The main idea is to create a schedule that should allow you to complete your usual studies on time. Besides, it should provide adequate time for you to assign for the part-time work.

You can choose any time for your study schedule when you can concentrate better on the subjects. Getting the degree should be your priority. Therefore, you must plan your daily routine, keeping it in mind.

Take help with the to-do listing process

This one has worked effectively for many people. You can see tonnes of instances where a to-do list works like a wonder to tick off all the designated tasks. Implement this strategy as it just needs you to pen down all of the tasks you want to accomplish in a single day, week or month.

The list will act as a reminder by not letting you forget all the priority tasks. The significance of having it before your eyes is that you can monitor your progress. Moreover, it lets you do what is necessary to complete the pending work.

All vital tasks will be visible to you. Thus, you can make a bulletin board to put out all the things compulsory for you to complete on the same day. Include tasks related to your studies, home and even personal things in the list.

Avoid multitasking

Many of you might be fond of multitasking to save time. However, it can eat away a lot of your energy. At times, the outcome was not convincing as you might not be able to complete the individual assignments effectively.

Moreover, when you take up too many jobs to accomplish simultaneously, the duration often stretches to a great extent. In an ideal setup, you must target completing the first task and then pick up the next one. This way, you will be able to attend to as many tasks as possible peacefully.

Prefer having breaks in between tasks so that it does not seem monotonous. You might feel burnt out if you put too much stress on completing all the tasks simultaneously.

Try finding a job based on your degree specialisation

Now, this is one of the biggest tricks you can try to have things within your control. When you have a job that is related to what you are pursuing in your degree, juggling work and study can be a little easier.

You will not have to work extra hard to learn something new to implement in your job. Besides, your work experience will have an added benefit to your studies. With this trick, you can somehow reduce the gap between study and work.

Above all, having a job in your known niche helps in growing your interest. Therefore, the time spent to complete such tasks might be less than what you might take in the case of a different niche.

Fix a particular deadline for every task

As you have a lot to cover in just 24 hours of a day, you must set a deadline for each task. This is how you can train your brain to complete a specific task within the given time frame. Imagine a situation where you have to complete certain study-related assignments for next-day submission.

In this situation, you cannot dedicate 2 to 3 hours to the freelance work. This is because assignment completion will need more time. Adjust your schedule without forgetting that study is your priority.

The bottom line

Managing study and job simultaneously is a tedious job. However, with time management tricks, you can have a systematic way of dealing with these two tasks.